Elf Paragon Descriptor


You gain the following characteristics:

Agile: +2 to your Speed Pool or Inflect Pool.

Long-Lived: It is speculated that you could live hundreds of years. As a Shadowrunner this is very unlikely.

Skill: You are specialized in tasks related to perception.

Skill: You are practiced in arcane knowledge.

Skill: You are trained in stealth tasks. In areas of natural woodland, you are specialized in stealth tasks.

Fragile: When you fail a Might defense roll to avoid damage, you take 1 extra point of damage.

Cybernetic Limits: Elves are fragile: -1 Standard cybernetics  (Cybernetics here)
Additional Equipment: You gain one Moderately Priced piece of equipment

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:

From the following list of options, choose

how you became involved in the first


1. Before joining the group you saw one of the players on a vision quest. The details of that vision are up to you.

2. You nearly killed one of the players in a conflict. You spared them only to learn a corp payed to have you team and their team take you out.

3. Your home was burned by a corporate group , and you gathered the PCs to gain revenge

4. An adventure was in the offing, and you didn’t want to be left behind

Elf Paragon Descriptor

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