Humans (Homo Sapiens sapiens) are the first metatype – the one that was around for some thousand years before the awakening. Each new subspecies of metatypes who appeared after the awakening,  (Elves, Dwarfs) and Goblinization (Orks, Trolls) are classified “Metahumans”.



Orc Commander by Dabana on DeviantArt: ORC (homo sapiens robustus) are considered meta-humans, like trolls, elves, and dwarfs. Orks are able to interbreed with humans and fellow metahumans. Despite this, their offspring will be of the race of only one of their parents. No half-breeds exist. They grow much faster than humans, reach maturity at the age of 12, and give birth to an average litter of about four children, though six to eight are not uncommon. Their average life-expectancy is about 35 to 40 years.

Their physical frames are similar to bulkier humans. On average they are larger and stronger than humans. Their mental capacities are considered slightly inferior on average to humans, though they are still not as dull as the average troll. Distinguishing features include large lower canines that protrude from their mouths. Orks have pointed ears that are smaller than those of elves.



Sci-Fi, Warrior, Armor, Man with Gun, Character, Weapon, Science Fiction, Shadowrun:¬†Sacrificial¬†Limb.: Dwarfs (lat.: Homo sapiens pumilionis) Dwarfs are on average shorter than humans; their average height is under 120cm. Remarkable features include the dwarfs’ small body size, short legs and full beards. Unlike humans with dwarfism, true dwarfs have upper bodies that are proportionately larger than their lower bodies compared to humans. Their skin color varies in a similar fashion to humans, with colors ranging from white to black. It is assumed that dwarfs have an average life expectancy of well over 100 years, although proof is still forthcoming. In addition, dwarfs clearly have a more efficient immune system than humans do, which makes them resistant to most diseases.

Due to their resemblance to humans, dwarfs face less prejudice from humans than elves, orks or trolls. Many are recognized for their technological prowess and work ethic.



Shadowrun mage: Elves (Homo sapiens nobilis) Adult elves are on the average slightly taller than humans (≈190cm), and they are usually somewhat more lightly built (i. e. thinner with an average weight
of 72kg), but equally strong. Their most remarkable characteristic are their pointed ears. Their skin color varies, similarly as with humans, from white to black. Body hair is sparse but head hair is full and fine. Elven eyes are almond-shaped. Thanks to metabolic testing, it has been shown that Elves have a potential lifespan of several hundred years or more, with certain unexplained genes (usually found in powerfully magical elves) giving some an even longer lifespan a lot of elves – but not all of them – are vegetarian


Selecting a Race

You can be any of the standard Shadowrun races shown above.  For game purposes, playing a metahuman (Dwarf, Elf, Troll, Ork) you may choose to be that race strictly for roleplaying purposes and create your character as any other; there are no mechanical benefits or detriments.  However, if you wish to embody your race's physical and mental attributes and gain rules bonuses, you may opt to use your Descriptor as a Racial Descriptor and be a Paragon for your chosen metahuman race.  Note that there are no Paragon Humans.


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