Troll Paragon Descriptor


You gain the following characteristics:

Enormous Size: Trolls gain a +6 to their might pool

Dermal Skin: Trolls are resistant to physical trauma they have a Natural Armor of 1.

Skill: Trained in all Might related Strength tests.

Troll Blood: Trolls gain one additional 1 action recovery roll.

Size Maters: Inability to any action involving size related maters to being smaller then a troll. 4

Inability: Trolls have an inability on all social interactions with any non Ork or Troll races.
Cybernetic Limits: Due to their Size Trolls Gain +2 standard Implants to their limit (Cybernetics here)
Additional Equipment: You gain one Moderately Priced piece of equipment

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:

From the following list of options, choose

how you became involved in the first


1. You look out for one of the other PC’s they are the brains your the brawn

2. You tried to kill one of the other Players. The fight was a draw.

3. One of the players patched you up a youth in a gang war. You owe them your life

4. You met the player at the club you work at. The bring you on jobs at times for extra muscle.

Troll Paragon Descriptor

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