Ork Paragon Descriptor

You gain the following characteristics:
Sturdy: +2 Might Pool
Skill: You are Trained in all Strength based rolls
Skill: Orcs may use Might instead of Int in intimidation related skills.
Skill: Streetwise Orcs are Trained in Streetwise

Inability: Orcs not as quick on the uptake as humans. They have Inability on all Intelligence related checks with the exception of Streetwise

Cybernetic Limits: An Orcs sturdy nature gives him the added benefit of an increased cybernetic limit by one giving +1 Standard Cybernetic. (Cybernetics here)

Additional Equipment: One Moderately priced weapon.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
1. You are one of the party’s contacts with the Orc Underground.
2. You were Hired as a Body Guard for one of the other players.
3. You are a Shadowrunner and have been the muscle on several runs with another Player.
4. You and one other player are the only survivors of a run gone bad.

Ork Paragon Descriptor

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